back-chelsea-1Last weekend I went to a restaurant with my family as it was my younger brother and dad’s birthday.The restaurant we went to is called Benihana which is a Japanese restaurant. Now I never wanted to go there , in fact I was actually going to stay home , but i was too excited to celebrate my brother and dads birthday.

Everyone in my family love shrimps and prawns and any type of fish , meanwhile i hate fish in general.But i had tried the starters which was a prawn appetiser…and is was lovely! I was so surprised , the prawns were only cooked with lemon juice and salt! However I doubt that I would ever eat prawns again,that time was only a once in a blue moon opportunity for me.

Also for my starter we had soup with cooked onions and again this was delicious. when I tasted it the warm liquid slithered down my throat and circled round in my stomach. We also had to eat with chopsticks , and I had no clue how to use chopsticks so i had to google it but after tangling my fingers up i relied there was instructions on how to hold chopsticks on the back of the packet 🙂 After 2 minutes of stabbing prawns and lettuce i eventually demanded for a fork! ( that was much easier)

I really do recommend Benihana as the people are very nice and friendly – and also sing happy birthday to you in Chinese – I also recommend Benihana as there food is fresh and exquisite , and they cook in front of you with daring tricks as well.

So as well as the lovely food you would also get great entertainment and company.



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  1. This looks so nice! i’m definitely going there!!!

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  2. scappaper says:

    Looks nice good review!

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  3. I love fish & this looks stunning, I need to go!

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