My Top 4 favourite Tv Programmes

Unfortunately I do not have Netflix but i do have Sky which is okay but i would prefer to get Netflix. From Sky one of my favourites but not my top number 1 favourite tv programme is a crime and drama series called ‘Hawaii five-0 ‘ now i don’t know if anyone has heard of this programme before but i assure you its one of the best crime and drama series. The programme is about two detectives named ‘Steve Mcgarrett’ and ‘Danno’ who are part of an elite task force whose mission is to eliminate crime in Aloha state.There are currently 12 series which are filled with crime as well as lots of drama!

One of my other list of favourite from sky is a series called ‘Brooklyn nine nine ‘which is an american police comedy which star Andy samberg and Stephanie Beatriz leading as the main characters. This series is about a team of detectives who take down bad guys and protect everyone around them (obviously). This is a perfect series to wach and will put you in a good mood.

My other favourite out of the bundle is on sky but not the catch up for series 1-5 so i watched this on Netflix , at my cousins house , the series is called ‘ Teen Wolf .’ I have jus started watching this series and i am already up to season 5! so a little bit more catching up , but its with it. This series is about a couple of high school students living their ordinary lives until two friends go sneaking off into the woods and one of them gets bitten by a werewolf and therefore himself turning into a werewolf. Life changed a lot from that point on. This series is such a lovely teen drama , horror, romance ,action , and comedy series to watch that i highly recommend.

This next one is definitely on my top five because this series is filled with lots of action and comedy and romance and lots of drama.This series does occur on sky as well as Netflix, and is called ‘The flash’ i know this is a superhero thing but its is mind blown it has a lot more to than just superheroes. this series is obviously about ‘the flash’ but how he turned into the flash and that his mother died when he was younger from this mysterious blur , and how he is in love with this girl for years but need seems to tell her.This is such an interesting series too watch.

I know maybe some of my choices of my top 4 programmes may be a bit unusual but i like usual so as you can probably tell i love police investigation programmes and teen drama , and I’m not really into all the romance tv series.

Please comment below on your top 4 programmes or at least one.


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