What I Love About Summer!

Hi guys today i’m talking about what i love about summer and what i hate! this is a bit different to my previous blog posts because I want to focus on summer now because its SUMMER! finally!

1. The first thing i love about summer is the heat (obviously) and the hot air! i just love the way the heat hugs you. I think everyone can agree with me on this point who doesn’t love a hot and sunny day , but if its too hot i cannot handle it and i eventually start to melt! Some people may love extra heat too tan themselves but i hate tans especially when i’m already brown!!

2. The second thing i love love love about summer is the cool and icy drinks you can have whilst laying outside. Particularly in summer i love to make cool drinks by mixing all sorts of jazz together. For example i sometimes mix Fanta cherry with bitter lemonade with ice cubes , lime , and lime zest. As you can see i love lime! but this is one of by favourites as well as bitter lemon with lemonade with mint leaves , ice cubes , and lemon!DSC_1008.jpg

3. i also love the smells of BBQ s floating around in the air. When we do BBQ’s its the best we sometimes bring the whole family round and its big. I just love the taste of BBQ foods in the garden under the umbrella.


4. Finally getting to wear shorts and short sleeve tops and flip flops! as we leave in a really cold country that rains a lot, but when it comes to summer you only get a few hot days out of this country. Like recently was the hottest day this year and sadly there won’t be another day like that again! but maybe hopefully I’m wrong and there will be another.

Thats all for this blog post comment down below on what you love about summer.




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